Incredible Wearables


Become an Incredible Wearable Technology Designer!

Register for Incredible Wearables

On November 30th, we are offering a two-hour STEM activity for Pyrtle students grades 3-5. Prior to signing up, students/families should assemble a team of 4-5 kids.

Participants will use a 4H Incredible Wearables kit created at the University of Nebraska, containing a microprocessor, tilt sensor, pulse oximeter, and various other parts. Students will be assigned roles within their group such as Project Manager, Engineers, Data Analyst, Textile Designer, Biomedical Engineer, and Marketing Specialist.

Together the team will collaborate to make a wearable device that tracks health data and relays it wirelessly to an internet connected device! Pizza and water will be provided.

Participants will share their working prototype after the Hour of Code event the following week Dec 7th. Presentations will be at 5:00 and open to anyone interested in learning!

Sign up for the event electronically at the PTO activities page or return the paper form to Mr. Rinne as soon as possible. Incredible Wearables is first come first served and electronic registration will likely be faster.

Start assembling your team and register today!